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When are you honest?
With other people.
With yourself.
When do you really say what you mean,
What you are really thinking.
Not what you think others want to hear.
When do you do what you want to?
What you really want,
Not what other people want.
Something for yourself,
Not something for others.
Say the right thing.
Do the right thing.
When do you let others see who you really are?
To say aloud those thoughts
That wander around inside your head.
To be exposed and naked.
To risk all.
Until that day
You will never truly know yourself.
If you ever are brave enough
To show the world,
And yourself,
Who you are,
Then perhaps you will find,
There are others who will not judge,
Who like you,
For who you are,
For what you say,
For what you do.
Tell me,
How brave are you?



These words were a result of thinking about more words found here

 Be You