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Trust imagination. I start with a few ideas and thoughts, sometimes an image in my head of the end result, but it rarely finished the way I thought it would. Imagination starts to build and take over. I try to trust imagination. I let it run its course.

My second large piece of sculpture (3 dimensional painting?) started 6 weeks ago. (I wrote about my first large piece in Finished). So difficult to dedicate enough time in between working and the rest of my life. But I find this outpouring of thoughts and ideas into some piece of visual art is increasingly what I need to do and who I am.

I started with some ideas from a previous piece (Another Dimension) I had made a number of years ago. Each time I looked at it I thought I would like to do more. So I finally started.

Many of the original parts where made of clay. I then created a latex mould around the clay and made a number of plaster copies. This seemed to work quite well but I had to finish them off with a little shaping and smoothing.

Some shapes were sawn from MDF, some from plaster, some shapes from a broken fence panel (I really liked this and I will use it again).

The shapes start to appear as I paint them with a single colour of acrylic.

Then the decision whether to leave as a single colour or whether to add different colours. I am not confident with colour so I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone. Colour it was! I found some metallic effect colours with the idea I would just add a touch here and there. In the end I used these metallic affect colours over almost all of the piece.

As you can see below, at many angles the light reflects and lights the whole sculpture. At some angles it is less dramatic. Too much bling? Maybe I should have finished with an all white or all black finish? That age old problem of when is a piece of art finished ;o)

This just leaves me with one problem: at nearly 2m (8 feet) long (or tall, depending on which way up it could be), where do I put it? My house is getting a bit crowded with my artistic attempts.