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I am still waiting for Autumn (Fall) to really start this year. So mild, even for this part of the UK, the trees have only just started to shed their leaves. A reflective time of year I think.

I was inspired by Anna to go for a tree walk and I took my camera along to show you what I found.

simg_1577simg_1592 simg_1594 simg_1606 simg_1609 simg_1623 simg_1633 simg_1637 simg_1638 simg_1645 simg_1650 simg_1665 simg_1673 simg_1689 simg_1698 simg_1703 simg_1708 simg_1709 simg_1717 simg_1718

Perhaps the last warm day before winter sets in. Maybe I will add Winter, Spring and Summer tree walks as the season’s wheel turns.