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I always seem to have a number of pieces in progress at any one time. Sometimes they are half finished and I have given up working on them – maybe they didn’t turn out how I imagined, maybe I lacked the imagination to know where to take them, maybe I just didn’t like them. Sometimes I am waiting for them to age, or paint to dry, or clay to dry, or waiting to buy materials for the next stage. I can get impatient when I’m waiting, and when the urge to create appears I will think of something else to start on. Sometimes I will go back to something I’d written off as unfinishable years ago and some inspiration appears like magic… and the creative process continues.

I have 2 new pieces in progress at the moment and am trying to continue with a piece from 2 years ago (but I find it a dark and unsettling piece so I’m not sure whether I want to continue!).

Is this the same for everyone? Or do some people have the discipline to finish one piece before starting the next? Do you show anyone “work in progress”?

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