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Urnes-Image4The breath-taking stylised carving on Norway’s Urnes stavkyrkje has been wandering in and out of my thoughts for many years. When I finally visited them I realised photographs had never really shown how startling and beautiful they are. I posted some of my thoughts previously on Urnes stavkyrkje and I ended that post wondering what I would turn this experience into. A little bit of creativity (and a lot of plagiarism haha) produced my first piece. sWP_20140827_001 I traced the edges of the design from photographs I took of the original carvings. I then shaped and soldered galvanised wire. This took some time to do! I finished off with a black patina.sWP_20141018_003 The above picture shows the finished work against a white door. I am not really sure it is finished, I think there is more to do. But until I think of some way of adding more, or displaying, I will leave alone. Quite a satisfying project :o)