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The two ravens are not of this world… they belong somewhere else… dark messengers gathering thoughts and memories back to Odin.

Following on from my first post “Odin’s ravens – Huginn and Muninn“, I started to sketch ideas and some shapes started to be imagined. Two ethereal representatives flying within a circular form. Real, recognisable features slowly changing into something unreal, unrecognisable. Feathers? How to create feathers that are not feathers? It took me a few days, walking and thinking, and then… feather-like leaves! At the same time real and not real!

This is very much a part-finished creation. Lots of work still to do but the main shapes are finished. They disturb me a little… I’m not sure I like them, but that’s typical when I’m half way through, but I have more ideas so I hope I finish them.