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For years I was scared of having anything to do with glass. Too difficult. Too dangerous. Too inflexible. But the beauty of light through coloured glass intrigued and fascinated me. Surely there was some way to create with it… IMG_0657 I worked up the courage to try basic glass cutting and copper foil edges at Richard Langford’s atelier. I then started to create my first piece but 2 dimensions didn’t attract me so I started to bend the shapes. As usual, my original thoughts and intentions were slowly transformed and mixed with other ideas… and out of nowhere something was created. This is that piece from 3 years ago. I still like it. It’s around 1m long and one day I just might create a much larger version. IMG_0848 IMG_0852 I love glass and I wish I could do more with such a wonderful medium :o)

My second attempt at glass is here Light and Glass II